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General purpose inspection mirror


  • Lightweight, rugged and weatherproof

  • Xenon light

  • Various mirror heads

  • Wheels for large mirror diameter

  • Extendable telescopic handle


The EFIS® 1 inspection mirrors were designed to support a fast inspection of vehicles and parts of buildings which are difficult to access. There are various fields of application: vehicle undersides, baggage racks, areas over or under furniture, hollows and space in between as well as difficult to access building parts can be inspected rapidly. This assists the police, customs, military and security companies to carry out a substantial accurate and thorough inspection as well as a quick handling at the inspection points.


The lightweight and rugged design of the handheld EFIS® 1 and its stepless adjustment make it easy to use in different working conditions. The telescopic handle is fitted with clamps to carry a torch with a high performance LED for operation in low light conditions. The pivoting mirror is slightly convex to enlarge the view. Different sizes of mirror heads can be supplied upon demand. Mirror heads of a diameter of Ø 300 mm and more are fitted with wheels.

Upon request the following special versions can be supplied: square inspection mirror 150 x 250 mm or 220 x 310 mm, halo shaped inspection mirrors of Ø 300 mm (measures without protective frame), mirrors made from polished stainless steel.

Technical Data

Telescopic handle Extendable from 1,100 to 2,000 mm length
Version Anodised aluminium, rotation protected
Mirror head approx. 185 x 135 mm, measures without protective frame
Can be pivoted approx. 135º horizontally and approx 90° vertically
Lamp type Splash waterproof
Light 1 W high performance LED
Batteries 2 x 1,5 V D-cell (LR 20)
Rechargeable NiMH D-cell batteries 2 x 1,2 V
Weight with lamp approx. 1,400 g
chute (in operation) approx. 320 x 260 x 420 mm
Operation time approx. 10 h continuous operation


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