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Vehicle inspection mirror with wheels


  • Easy to handle, sturdy, weatherproof

  • With illumination

  • Wheeled

  • Demountable for transportation


The wheeled search and inspection mirror EFIS® 4 is an efficient and simple to use tool for a fast inspection of vehicles. The large, swivel mounted mirror head is available as a standard glass or a special stainless steel version. The metal version has proven its worth when used in harsh conditions and in continuous operations.


The device is equipped with 10 splash waterproof LEDs of low power consumption. The construction is ergonomic and the telescopic handle can be adjusted to suit tall and short operators. It can be extended to reach under large vehicles. The EFIS® 4 incorporates a battery compartment for three commercial 1,5 V C-cell batteries (type LR 14) which provide the power for the LEDs. Batteries are easy and fast to change. Upon request rechargeable NiMH batteries and a robust battery charger are available as accessories. Optionally it can be delivered with remote mechanical adjustment of the mirror angle. Upon request it can be delivered as a very robust special version of polished stainless steel. A 200 x 400 mm sized mirror head is available as option.

Technical Data

Chassis approx. 410 x 424 x 173 mm
Mirror approx. 300 x 200 mm
Telescope approx. 1,030 - 1,290 mm
Power supply
C-cell (LR 14) 3 x 1,5 V
C-cell type NiMH battery 3 x rechargeable 1,2 V
Illumination 10 x special LEDs
Power consumption approx. 500 mA
Operation time
Dry alkaline batteries approx. 20 h
Rechargeable batteries approx. 9 h
Weight approx. 4,000g


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