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MAGNEX® 120 L-2



  • Lightweight

  • Stable and rugged construction

  • New sensor

  • No mechanical parallelization

  • Small probe diameter

  • Data recording


The brand-new MAGNEX®120 L-2 locator is used in geophysical surveys and applied for the detection of magnetic anomalies such as caused by ferromagnetic objects buried underground. The locating of UXO, pipes & pipelines, concealed weapon caches or archeological traces are typical tasks for this anomaly magnetic detector. The very lightweight, the ergonomics and the wellout balanced design of the MAGNEX®120 L-2 help to strongly reduce operator fatigue improving the quality of work. The controls such as the sensitivity stepping switch and the compensation adjuster can be operated by the guide hand. The need for parallelization by the users is eliminated due to a new sensor technology.

Working Principle

In general the search device is designed as a differential saturation magnetometer applying two inductors which are sensitive to magnetism. This arrangement suppresses the indication of the natural magnetic field. The sensors (inductors) are placed at a set distance in side the probe and placed in coaxial position. As soon as the probe is carried into magnetic anomaly interference the inductors will start to provide different electric values e.g. an alternating tension which is indicated by an audio signal and a galvanometer reading after processing and amplification.


The MAGNEX®120 L-2 is a lightweight, handheld,battery operated magnetometer for operation under adverse working conditions. It consists of a probe with galvanometer, lockable probe holder, carrying rod with stepping switch and compensation push button as well as a battery container or rechargeable Lipol battery pack. By taking the probe from the case and fitting the battery container to the carrying rod the MAGNEX®120 L-2 is immediately operational.


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