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UPEX® 725 D

UXO detector


  • Rugged design

  • One knob and simple operation

  • Clear signal indication

  • Large detection range


EBINGER search devices are used worldwide to reduce the potential hazard from unexploded ordnance remnant of the world wars. UPEX® 725 D is the latest design for UXO detection under difficult conditions like ground mineralization and scrap.

Search for Unexploded Ordnance

Due to the simplicity in operation and handling the UPEX® 725 D has the advantage that it can be programmed to fade out interfering signals from non-cooperative soil, magnetic rocks and small pieces of scrap metal, which reduces the time factor significantly.

The UPEX®725 D is able to find previously masked UXO in an environment that is both geologically and artificially mineralized. Although designed for larger objects, on delay step 1 the UPEX®725 D is able to detect small objects as well.

The identification of metallic objects is facilitated by the modulation of the audio signal upon approaching the target.

Constructional features

The UPEX® 725 D is a compact metal detector. It consists of a foldable oval probe with flanged joint connection, the rod with built-in PI electronics. On the control section there is the stepping rotary for the operation mode DYNAMIC/STATIC.The flanged battery tube accommodates 6 c-cell batteries.


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