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Vehicle based Large Loop detector


  • Substantial increase of searched ground

  • Easy and fast to assemble

  • Option for hand held use

  • Single and multi - coil configurations

  • Interface for data logging, ideal for technical survey, QA and QC

  • Meets IMSMA requirements


EBINGER offers diverse sensors and search systems in handheld or wheeled versions. These meet a wide range of operational requirements.

The large loop metal detector UPEX® 740 M is the basis for a number of vehicle-supported multi-array systems, which improve productivity and data quality when searching large areas for buried metal objects.

The UPEX® 740 MVM multi-channel Vehicle System is very effective for the inspection of wide areas and to support the risk reduction in fast road opening operations. The multi array version can take up to 4 sensor loops to scan a large surface.

The alarm system of the electronics can be pre-calibrated to alarm only upon detection signals which exceed the preset threshold. This helps to suppress alarms from unwanted small metal scrap which is frequently found on roads.

Optionally the UPEX® 740 MVM can be equipped with an EPAD® data logger to record the detection data. A specific software EPAS® allows to interpret the detection results and to print colour coded maps of the surveyed area. A suitable GPS module is available as optional accessory. This system supports the planning of further operations and integrates well into GIS (IMSMA). It makes QA /QC particular easy and effective.

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