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UPEX® 745 P²I

Metal detection system


  • Diversified application, suits subsurface detection search and borehole inspection

  • Large detection ranges and high sensitivity

  • Large area coverage

  • Cost reduction due to reduced number of boreholes

  • Optimized approach to various detection tasks


The new UPEX® 745 P²I system offers substantial advantages in subsurface search due to its flexibility and the wide choice of transmitter and receiver components. The UPEX® 745 P²I can be optimized for different tasks and operations. It suits for standard on surface usage as well as for borehole inspection.

Due to an improved decoupling from the inspected medium the typical interference from soil magnetic effects (i.e. basalt rock) can be suppressed. Therefore unwanted signals from small scrap can be eliminated.

The active PI-Detection System can be applied in various configurations for conventional subsurface search with a mobile search system or a static transmitter loop as well as for borehole inspection. It is an ultimate alternative and addition to the usual anomaly surveys.

Using the new EBINGER static transmitter loop the achievable detection range can be extended compared to the known technologies.

Borehole inspection

The active borehole inspection devices have a superior lateral detection range allowing to increase the distance of the boreholes. This reduces their number and the related expense for the contractor substantially.

The system is applicable in cases where large areas have to be inspected on bombs or larger UXO. It is also recommended if the number of boreholes has to be minimized to protect buildings or to scope with a limited budget.

Surface detection

For active from-surface inspection two different transmitter configurations are available, the choice of components allows to optimize the system for different detection tasks.

The equipment cost is low when compared to the increase in productivity, the long life cycle and versatility of the detection system.


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