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UWEX® 725 K

Underwater PI-Search system


  • Sensitive, versatile underwater detection system

  • Modular design

  • Various search heads

  • Foldable large search head

  • Detects ferrous and non ferrous metals

  • Saltwater compatible


EBINGER metal detectors represent trend-setting technology, reliability and prime quality in the field of underwater metal detection. The UWEX® 725 K represents the latest, most versatile underwater metal detection system. The search system can be offered in individual configurations to meet a wide range of customer needs in underwater search for objects with metal content.

The index K indicates the modular combination of different components in one set. The standard metal detector configuration can be enhanced with optional accessories not only to suit for the location minimum amounts of metal but also for deep search after UXO and large sized objects buried deep in the seabed.

All components are interchangeable between other detectors of the same kind. The large search heads expand the detection range on medium to large sized objects and supersede those of the standard detectors substantially.

The new UWEX® 725 K gives improved detection performance and a wide auto-adaptation tointerfering metal components in the diving gear. The electronic circuitry can be tuned internally according to customer’s preference in detection of small or larger metal objects. Apart from the commercial version a military model is available and in service with NATO and NSN codified.

Mode of operation

The UWEX® 725 K operates, like other – active – UWEX® detectors, on the Pulse Induction Principle of the German engineer Claus Colani. EBINGER, in the possession of these patents, became the first manufacturer of PI detectors in Germany.

Technical Data/h3>
Power supply
Battery 9 V E-Block IEC 6 LR61 or U9VL (Lithium)
Operation time
Dry batteries approx. 3 h
Lithium approx. 10 h
Temperature range approx. -20 °C to +60 °C
Search head approx. Ø 230 mm
Large head approx. Ø 800 mm
Electronic cylinder approx. 40 x 535 mm
Extension rod length apppox. 580 x Ø 30 mm
Length overall approx. 2.000 mm
Weight approx. 1,8 kg
Pressure test approx. 7 bar


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