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EBEX® 422 GC

Metal detector


  • Enhanced detection performance on minimum amounts of metal

  • Reduced sensitivity to small metal fragments in BAC

  • High productivity

  • Minimised operation cost

Well proven

EBINGER detection equipment has proven its worth during many years of field use under adverse working conditions. Demining and bomb disposal technicians appreciate the extremely robust design and the good detection performance of the locators on minimum amount of metal mines or shallow buried UXO.

The secret of success of the 420 series is based on the constant exchange of information with experienced bomb disposal and munitions clearance personnel. Their advice was applied for the evolution of the technical tools. These have proven good performance and high equipment availability in the humanitarian clearance programmes in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle America.


Reliable high detection performance relates to equipment which achieves a safe, pinpoint detection of targets under adverse conditions and which produces a large number of screened square metres. EBEX® 422 GC meets these requirements.

Procurement cost is low when seen in conjunction with the exceptionally long service life cycle of the equipment and its versatility in Demining and BAC.

By evolution to the top of the range

The EBEX® 422 GC represents the top of the range version of the 420 series providing enhanced detection sensitivity and extended detection range. It offers a dynamic and a static operation mode to match different working conditions.

The EBINGER PI – technology permits an audible distinction of the object character and a precise pin-pointing of targets. Objects such as an A/P 72a, M14 or SB33 will cause audio alarms which are different from those caused by iron fragments or mortars (rising/dropping frequency). This allows a high resolution of the targets even if buried at close distance to each other.

Versatility on Mines and UXO

EBEX® 422 GC, its accessories and the dynamic operation mode provides a solution to several types of operation, it simplifies the training and it cuts cost for logistics and equipment support substantially. The sweep speed for the device is up to 2 m per second.

Reliable performance on most non-cooperative soil

The excellent wide-band compensation technology of EBEX® 422 GC prevails its exceptional advantages on very adverse soil when soil decomposition, high magnetic susceptibility and a strong soil conductivity are encountered. South Laos or Jaffna / Sri Lanka are just typical examples.


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