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Battle Area Clearance
Years of experience in the ordnance. Self-development in industrial quality. World’s pioneering techniques.

EBEX® 450 B
Surface Detector

  • Lightweight

  • Robust – compact

  • Modular tube system

  • Automatic adjustment

  • High sensitivity

and more...

Data logger and software

  • Multilingual rugged PDA-type data logger

  • GPS - compatible

  • DIN EN ISO 9000 compatible software

  • One product for different sensors; meets GIS and IMSMA system requirements

  • Display of recorded data, coordinates, detection results

  • Easy to use - levels for basic users or advanced users

and more...

Iron locator

  • Robust and handy

  • Lightweight

  • Simple to use

  • Audio coding of field polarity

  • Dynamic / static detection steps

and more...

Magnex 120LW mit GNNS

Magnetic anomaly locator

  • Land-, borehole and in water use

  • Digital single or multi-channel system

  • High sensitivity and resolution

  • Digital mapping: EPAD® data logger and EPAS® software

  • Robust and reliable

  • Ergonomic handling

and more...

MAGNEX® 120 LW Wheeled system
Multi Channel Systems

  • Increased productivity when surveying large areas

  • Reduced personnel requirement

  • Improved data quality

  • Rapid and simple assembly and dismantling

  • Modular design

and more...

Underwater magnetometer

  • Ergonomic design

  • Robust and compact

  • Demountable

  • Simple to use

  • Optical / audio displays

and more...

Magnetometer for land use

  • Robust build – lightweight

  • Precise localization – high sensitivity up to approx. 5 nT / scale units

  • Low energy consumption – up to 80 h/Li-ion battery pack

  • Dynamic / static search operation

  • Output for data recording

  • Good price-to-performance ratio

and more...

UPEX® 725 D
UXO detector

  • Rugged design

  • One knob and simple operation

  • Clear signal indication

  • Large detection range

and more...

UPEX® 740 M
Large Loop metal locator

  • High productivity

  • Simple to train and to operate

  • Option for digital surveys

  • On water and normal land use

and more...

UPEX® 740 MF-3
PI Detection System

  • Digital data recording High depth penetration

  • Geo-referencing with GNSS

  • Non-proprietary NMEA

  • One-person operation

  • EMI frequency shift

and more..

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