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Use in commercial and industrial applications. Use of active and passive location method. Detection of deep tanks and landfills.

EB 610 C-2
Cloverleaf hand-held metal detector

  • Ergonomic design

  • Simple to operate, easy to handle

  • High locating sensitivity

  • Automatic calibration

  • Loud audio signal

  • Optional vibration alarm

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EBEX® 300
Underground marking system

  • Object-selective location with the EBEX®300 locator

  • Multi-frequency device

  • Minimized noise effects

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EBEX® 450 S
Metal fragment detector for saw mills and timber industry

  • Certified by the KWF (German Curatorium for Forestry Work & Technology), for professional users

  • Timber quality assurance when harvesting trees

  • Assists in rapid checking for ingrown metal parts prior to cutting of the trunk

  • Safety assurance to forestry workers, avoidance of dangerous kickbacks, blunting of chains and other tools

  • High level of sensitivity

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Iron locator

  • Robust and handy

  • Lightweight

  • Simple to use

  • Audio coding of field polarity

  • Dynamic / static detection steps

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SC 602 PI
PI-metal detector, general purpose

  • Rapid finding of concealed slide valve, caps, manhole covers, manholes and metal markers

  • Detects even small metal parts

  • Simple to use

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UPEX® 740 MF-3
PI Detection System

  • Digital data recording High depth penetration

  • Geo-referencing with GNSS

  • Non-proprietary NMEA

  • One-person operation

  • EMI frequency shift

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VLF 950 / VLF 951
wire locator

  • For finding and locating

  • Active and inactive buried cables

  • Metal pipes etc.

  • Passive VLF principle

  • Optional cable transmitter in preparation

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WFD 1050
A/C field wire locator for power cables

  • For finding and locating active power cables

  • Simple to use

  • Clear pulse signal

  • Good directivity

  • Handy and robust

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