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SC 602 PI

PI-metal detector, general purpose


  • Rapid finding of concealed slide valve, caps, manhole covers, manholes and metal markers

  • Detects even small metal parts

  • Simple to use


The SC 602 PI is a robust and user-friendly metal detector with high detection sensitivity used for general detection tasks. It is applied in the construction industry and in roadmaking as well as by public bodies such as municipal gas and water authorities.

It detects all metals including small pieces of non-ferrous metals. The SC 602 PI facilitates the finding of slide valve caps and manhole covers covered by asphalt, slide rods, metal pipes laid near the surface and marking nails.

When switched on, the device adjust itself automatically to the ambient conditions. The effect of highly magnetic layers of asphalt and earth magnetism can also be suppressed by the electronic compensation system within certain limits. In addition disruptive effects caused by conductivity, moist soil or saltwater can be suppressed to a large extent.


The robust SC 602 PI metal detector consists of a watertight search head connected with a hinged joint to the tubular handle in yellow signal colour. The top of the handle contains the electronics, signal transmitter, ON/OFF switch and battery compartment. At the hinged joint there is a lockable slider to optimise the sensitivity setting for diffi cult search operations. The detector is powered by a commercially available 9 V E-block. Low Battery voltage is indicated by an audio alarm. Metal objects are indicated by a pulsating audio signal. Through the static search mode a continuous audio signal is given when the search head is above a metal object.

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