Location and Detection Devices
Made in Germany

EBINGER develops and produces a comprehensive range of metal location and detection devices for humanitarian Mine Action and munitions clearance, for law enforcement, security and industry applications, civil engineering, for the timber and forestry industries, for the locating of pipes and cables and for scientific use. One focal point for the company lies in the researching of innovative methods and the development of efficient and reliable detection techniques for professional large-scale and long-term use.

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Battle Area Clearance

Years of experience in the ordnance. Self-development in industrial quality. World's pioneering techniques.

Humanitarian Mine Clearance

Motivation to provide efficient detection equipment. Use in the countries concerned Humanitarian assistance.

On- and Underwater

UWEX® metal detectors for professional divers and recreational athletes. The device types operate on the pulse induction method. More Information

Law Enforcement Security

Ebinger hand and metal detectors are a concept in safety engineering Applications include airports, government agencies.


Use in commercial and industrial applications. Use of active and passive location method. Detection of deep tanks and landfills.


Special equipment to science. Devices for archeology, medicine, geophysics.

Active into the Future

EBINGER's active systems represent state-of-the-art technology, which in cases of doubt – and also for reasons of general safety – deserves special attention. EBINGER PRÜF- UND ORTUNGSTECHNIK GmbH, one of the market leaders worldwide, has been involved in the development and manufacture of both active and passive search and location systems for explosive ordnance clearance for almost 50 years. Over time, an extensive portfolio encompassing a wide range of detectors for use in land and under water has been developed. With the help of this technology, large quantities of mines and ammunition are brought to light every day all over the world.

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