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This is our motto, task and goal whereby human beings, their safety and the environment always take centre stage in our R & D work.

Threats from acts of terror, landmines and unexploded ordnance are a massive global problem. EBINGER detection technology has been successfully used worldwide for almost 50 years now. It covers the very broadest range of applications including: Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and battle area clearance, Humanitarian mine action, Forensic police work, Law enforcement and security applications, in particular for security checkpoints at airports, public buildings, and large-scale public events, Industry, civil engineering, forestry and timber industry, Geosciences and archaeology

EBINGER – a name that became a brand! Our products are used daily on land and under water throughout the world solving difficult location and detection tasks.

One focal point for the company lies in researching innovative methods and developing efficient and reliable detection techniques for professional large-scale and long-term use. Our product portfolio includes: Metal detectors for the clearance of landmines, Large-loop metal detectors, vehicle mounted systems and active systems (TDEM) for surveying wide areas to detect deeply buried metal objects of substantial size, Magnetic anomaly locators for the detection of ferromagnetic objects, single- and multichannel systems, as well as borehole and underwater operations, EBINGER EPAD®/EPAS® digital, GNSS assisted data recording and evaluation systems with GIS support, Hand-held and walk-through metal detectors for the detection of weapons and other prohibited metal items in security controlled areas, Underwater metal detectors for professional applications

A modern quality management system compliant with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 ensures a high and consistent level of quality and supports the company’s ability to manufacture and supply its products rapidly and at a high capacity even on short notice. All components are “Made in Germany”!

EBINGER head-quarters and R&D section are located in Cologne, while its generously sized production and testing facilities are located in Wiesbaum/Eifel. The company is represented throughout the world, and EBINGER equipment is operated daily in more than 40 countries.

We maintain an extensive testing and training ground with a modern lecture hall at our Wiesbaum/Eifel facility to ensure that our customers can make the best possible use of the equipment we supply.

Located here on about 4000 m² of magnetically undisturbed ground are: UXO range with a multitude of inert bombs, artillery and mortar shells as well as small-arms rounds in the ground, Mine lanes with co-operative soil and non-co-operative soil, Calibration cabins for EBINGER’s range of magnetometers, and collection of non-co-operative soils from round the world to test our active metal detectors.

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