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Law Enforcement Security
Ebinger hand and metal detectors are a concept in safety engineering Applications include airports, government agencies.

EB 607-2
Hand-held metal detector

  • Robust metal design

  • Simple to operate, easy to handle

  • High detection sensitivity

  • Automatic calibration

  • Loud audio signal

  • LED indication for control functions

and more..

EB 610 C-2
Cloverleaf hand-held metal detector

  • Ergonomic design

  • Simple to operate, easy to handle

  • High locating sensitivity

  • Automatic calibration

  • Loud audio signal

  • Optional vibration alarm

and more...

EBEX® 410
Detector system for forensic police work

  • Multi-component system for diverse detection applications

  • Very high detection sensitivity

  • Dynamic operation mode

and more...

General purpose inspection mirror

  • Lightweight, rugged and weatherproof

  • Xenon light

  • Various mirror heads

  • Wheels for large mirror diameter

  • Extendable telescopic handle

and more...

Vehicle inspection mirror with wheels

  • Easy to handle, sturdy, weatherproof

  • With illumination

  • Wheeled

  • Demountable for transportation

and more...

inspection mirror

  • Compact shape

  • Foldable

  • For daylight and low light conditions

  • Multiple application

  • Protective isolation

and more...

Metal detector /mail scanner

  • Fast and efficient

  • Easy to use

  • Visual and audio alarm signal

  • Switch for dynamic and static operation

and more...

UPEX® 725 D
UXO detector

  • Rugged design

  • One knob and simple operation

  • Clear signal indication

  • Large detection range

and more...

UPEX® 740 MF-3
PI Detection System

  • Digital data recording High depth penetration

  • Geo-referencing with GNSS

  • Non-proprietary NMEA

  • One-person operation

  • EMI frequency shift

and more..

UWEX® 722 C
PI- metal detector for divers, underwater- and land use

  • Compact design

  • For use underwater and on land

  • Detects all metals

  • Suppression of small objects and interference

  • Clear audio signals

  • Easy to operate

  • Saltwater compatible

and more...

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