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SC 100 C

Iron locator



  • Robust and handy

  • Lightweight

  • Simple to use

  • Audio coding of field polarity

  • Dynamic / static detection steps


The SC 100 C is a handy iron locator in longterm stable and inno- vative differential probe technology. It detects magnetic anomalies in the normal magnetic field of the earth, as caused by buried ferromagnetic objects. The detection range of the locator depends on the size, position and magnetic signature of the objects to be detected.

Mode of operation

The probe is moved in wide sweeping movements over the ground. As soon as the locator’s probe is moved into the vicinity of a fer- romagnetic object, the local field distortion is converted into an audible alarm. The audio coding of the field polarity (pulsating/ continuous) indicates the magnetic polarity (north or south pole) of the object to be detected. Two dynamic detection steps are foreseen for fast subsurface loca- lization of ferromagnetic parts. In this mode continuous magnetic interferences e.g. mineralized soil or fences can be suppressed to certain limits. In the static mode the indication of deep buried ferromagnetic ob- jects is provided by an audible signal, which rises in intensity as the detector approaches the target.

Delivery content

  • Locator SC 100 C

  • 9V battery


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